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  • Speaker Navigator Profit Predictability Roadmap - Step by step guide to building a predictable six-figure speaking business. 

  • Profit Predictability Roadmap Checklist - Helps you organize the three pillars in your speaking business.

  • Intel Engine Search Quick Tips Sheet - Build your Lead Generation machine, start prospecting like a pro today.  7 Day free trial.

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Speaker Navigator

Profit Predictability Roadmap


Speaker Navigator is an online coaching program. 

12 Modules | 3 Sections | Over 18 Hours

Exclusive 'Who & How' program connecting you to industry experts! 

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Speaker Navigator Profit Predictability Roadmap Checklist

This is an excellent tool to ensure you have the essentials in each pillar to build a predictable and profitable six-figure income speaking business.

Speaker Navigator Lead Generation Machine

Start prospecting like a pro.  Free 7 day trial and Speaker Navigator 20% discount for life offer here.  

Stop searching for the silver bullet or paying for magic lists that do not render qualified paid speaking gigs.

Learning how to find paid speaking events will build predictability in your six figure speaking business. 

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